Multiply defined symbols in UnixLib

Stefan Bellon sbellon at
Mon Dec 29 15:46:03 PST 2003

Peter Naulls wrote:
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>           Stefan Bellon <sbellon at> wrote:

> > However, when I link UnixLib as an AOF, I get:
> > 
> > *link -aof -o temp o.* common.o.* complex.o.* crypt.o.*

> [snip]

> > Are you aware of those? Aren't there really some redundant functions
> > there that could be removed?

> Please try this again with the latest UnixLib.

Almost. This time it's just:

ARM Linker: (Error) Global __dummy_wcstol multiply defined (in wcstoul
and wcstol).

As it's a dummy anyway, looks pretty trivial to fix to me. ;-)

Thanks for this work.



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