Possibility of an extra device?

Maarten Bezemer m.m.bezemer at student.utwente.nl
Wed Feb 5 07:44:17 PST 2003

On 5 Feb 2003 "Nick Burrett" <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:

> Maarten Bezemer wrote:
> > Hereby a patch for a user definable device. I think it may be handy for
> > some particular situations. At least it gets used by CVS :-)
> So what are the benefits of having a user definable device ? I can't 
> think of any applications off the top of my head.

I use it for CVS to connect a file stream (stdout, stdin) to a
socket (via a buffer). So all data send to stdout won't be visible on
the screen, but will be sended trough a given socketed with the right
CVS was build this way and I had to continue it.

But I could imagine that it can be handy when a certain protocol is
used and the protocol part will be done automaticly (in a library) when
data gets written or read. So the user only needs to open the 'device'
and is able to use it by using the default read/write functions.

It won't take much extra space (just 9 words), since it uses already
inplemented functions for the defaults. So that would be a big problem
I suppose...


Maarten Bezemer


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