Compiling RISC OS gccsdk on Mac OS X 10.2 (Darwin)

Peter Naulls peter at
Thu Feb 13 09:32:58 PST 2003

In message <200302131715.45779.richardb at> you wrote:

> I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer the following
> questions:
> (i)   Is this a stupid thing to try and do?

This should work fine if the instructions for porting to a new platform
are followed, and any minor things are fixed.

> Attached (because my mailer wraps the lines unfavourably if included in
> the email body) are annotated highlights of the compilation session (my 
> comments begin with a # character).  The raw version is at 

You really really didn't need to give us a log of your CVS checkout,
nor of anything but from the first failure.  Basically, it can't find
the defintion of TRUE and FALSE and some other bits.   Your job is to
find out why - this looks like a nice simple excerise to solve.   If
this is beyond you, then I would suggest (in the niceset possible way)
that perhaps using GCCSDK is perhaps a bit above your skill level right

Cheers, Peter

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