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Fri Oct 3 03:27:08 PDT 2003

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> > As an aside, and in parallel with this, I'm probably going to do
> > another release of my 32-bit GCCSDK, but this time with the Unixlib
> > from head CVS, which has various improvements over it.  This will be
> > partially to support these efforts.
> This is very good news and will prove those people wrong that think
> that there has been no development in that area for two years (be it
> due to their inability to read web pages or whatever). Yes, I think
> this will do RISC OS developers good.

I've now done this; as well as pull in many of the tool updates from
head CVS.  I've not tested this very much, but please try it.  The
source should be there shortly.

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