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Fri Oct 3 07:18:02 PDT 2003

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> On 3 Oct Peter Naulls wrote:
>> I guess not.  I don't know how much time Stewart spent on adding it to
>> 'link'.
> Not enough, I don't think. It has the -shl option to output a shared library
> stub - I managed to work out the format of this file, basically:
>  >filename_of_stub
>  whitespace_separated
>  list_of
>  functon_names_to_export
> It didn't seem to support symbol renaming. Unfortunately, the resulting stubs
> files apparantly don't contain any information about which library the stub
> applies to, making it somewhat difficult for a loader to load the right
> library.

The -shl switch is nothing to do with ELF though. That's for the ARM
shared library system isn't it?

I've got some doco on that at home somewhere which I can dig out. I've
also got some code that I wrote as a start on a shared library manager
using the ARM shared library system.


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