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> > Norcroft. Alternatively, adding to 'as':
> I'd prefer to have as support ELF, since I personally detest gas's syntax
> with a passion. An alternative is to write a script / program which can
> convert into gas syntax when making an ELF build.

Perhaps you can do the 'as' ELF support :-)
I'm currently using the native ARM Linux 'as' as an assembler, as a
temporary measure, since I still need to build a cross gas (as opposed
to the native one I built)

> > I guess not.  I don't know how much time Stewart spent on adding it to
> > 'link'.
> Not enough, I don't think. It has the -shl option to output a shared library
> stub - I managed to work out the format of this file, basically:

Plus of course it's a commerical app.  Not really a replacement for

> Are there any libraries which GCC / UnixLib relies on that can't be
> recompiled into ELF? I think you can also put ELF objects into an ALF
> library, so that isn't a problem (not that we can't port ar easily enough).

Equally, the unix archive format allows you to put any old rubbish in.
But neither of those particularly help unless we have a linker able to
support both.

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