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Fri Oct 3 07:35:10 PDT 2003

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> The libelf package may be of some help here:

I already have some stuff from John Bell's elfloader, but I'll take a
look at this.

> I think the biggest problems are going to be the distinction between
> different section types in ELF compared to AOF.  Probably a conversion 
> from AOF->ELF is possible, but not the other way.

Yes, I don't see any benefit in the reverse conversion.

> I think this would be the best thing to complete first.  By having a ELF
> toolchain, we will gain enough experience with it to work out the 
> various compatibility pitfalls before a AOF/ELF toolset merge is worked on.

Quite. But would anyone care to comment on the feasability of adding
AOF support to 'ld'?  If we have some kind of mapping from AOF, as
above, this doesn't seem particularly hard.  You could then even do
crazy things like link in RISC OS AOFs to ARM Linux programs.

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