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Nick Burrett nick at
Fri Oct 3 07:45:32 PDT 2003

Peter Naulls wrote:

> Quite. But would anyone care to comment on the feasability of adding
> AOF support to 'ld'?  If we have some kind of mapping from AOF, as
> above, this doesn't seem particularly hard.  You could then even do
> crazy things like link in RISC OS AOFs to ARM Linux programs.

It was suggested to me that we could use GNU ld's linker scripts to 
possibly do the conversion.  I'm not sure though because it might mean 
adding AOF support to 'ld'.

Adding AOF support to 'ld' is a big job.  You need to write support into 
umm. the common object library code (can't remember what its called) 
that is shared between the various packages in binutils.   I looked a 
few years ago and was frightened off by the work required.  It might be 
40-80Kbytes of C source that is required and of course the code is not 
documented well.

Nick Burrett
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