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> I think this would be the best thing to complete first.  By having a ELF
> toolchain, we will gain enough experience with it to work out the 
> various compatibility pitfalls before a AOF/ELF toolset merge is worked on.

Should anyone care, this is where I'm at:

as/ld: Since I'm using ARM Linux, I can use the native versions of
these, but I also have "cross-compile" versions of these for compiling
in Linux (configure with --target arm-riscos-elf, no changes required),
and also native AOF versions which work too (some hacking required
using my porting tools)

I ran all the Unixlib assembler through my conversion script; although
had to made a few manual fixups.  It may be that improving the scripts
can avoid this.  This allowed me to assemble an ELF Unixlib and libgcc
using binutils 'as'.

With that in place, I can cross-compile hello world without incident,
although running it or anything else twice causes the machine to hang
(points to a problem in Unixlib), so I've got to track that down.

David Marston is working on ELF output for our 'as' - using this will
hopefully avoid any conversion problems from my script.  We would then
assemble any handwritten assembler (e.g. Unixlib) with this, and any
compiler output with gas.

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