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Mon Oct 6 02:26:55 PDT 2003

Peter Naulls wrote:
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>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>Peter Naulls wrote:
>>>Don't forget to read the notes.
>>>Although there are obvious short term problems, this proves the
>>>concept, and I suggest we move all GCCSDK development to ELF based ASAP
>>>- especially since we aren't currently looking at any kind of release
>>>for GCC 3.3.
>>I disagree.  The thing holding up GCC 3.3 is a bug in the symbol/area 
>>creation in 'as'.  Actually fixing this is quite difficult without an 
>>AOF dumper.
> Indeed - but going to ELF would side step these problems.   As for an
> AOF dumper - do you have access to DecAOF in Acorn C/C++? 

No.  I haven't had a copy of Acorn C since version 3.

> IF there's a
> minimal case, then someone else could have a look at it.

The problem was detailed in 'Common AREAs and libfile'.

The minimal test case is:

---- snip ----
	AREA |__common|, DATA, COMMON
	EXPORT	|__common|

	% 12
----- snip ----

'as' doesn't export the __common symbol properly

> Additionally, on 30th July, you referred to a code generation bug with
> alloca - what is the status of this?

The code gen bug is fixed in my local copy of the tree.  I haven't fully 
tested it due to the 'as' bug.

> The reason I suggest we are a way from a release is that we have yet to
> produce a working GCC 3.3 in RISC OS :-|

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