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Mon Oct 6 02:41:24 PDT 2003

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          Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:

> > If nothing else, it will avoid the current problems with the linker in
> > current CVS that cause compiles to fail, and misc other linker issues
> > that we've had recently.
> > Comments?
> Are you going to commit any of these changes to the GCCSDK tree ?

Probably not until after the SE Show on the 18th.  In the mean time I
wanted to gather comments on what is a somewhat radical change, and
address any concerns before we make a mess, and gauge the reaction from
the wider RISC OS community.

In particular:

How to work in binutils with GCCSDK.  I don't really want to import the
source into the GCCSDK, and hopefully this can be built separately
sensibly first.

All the library filenames will be come library.a or a/library.
unixlib.o will be some libunixlib.a (or a/libunixlib).

Wait and see how well the 'as' ELF support works.

At what point might Castle tools fully support ELF.

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