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>Peter Naulls wrote:
>> See:
>> And:
>> Don't forget to read the notes.
>> Although there are obvious short term problems, this proves the
>> concept, and I suggest we move all GCCSDK development to ELF based ASAP
>> - especially since we aren't currently looking at any kind of release
>> for GCC 3.3.
>I disagree.  The thing holding up GCC 3.3 is a bug in the symbol/area 
>creation in 'as'.  Actually fixing this is quite difficult without an 
>AOF dumper.

Julian Smith wrote an AOF dumper. It's called and came as part
of an AOF tools set. Presumably it's been made available on the web,
but it was also supplied with, as freeware, the Dr. Smith's Toolkit that
WSS sell.

A copy of or even the whole AOF tools part is available upon

It's 26-bit only, but it should run under any emulator which can handle
command line progs.


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