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David Marston david at illudium.org.uk
Thu Oct 9 15:22:31 PDT 2003

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          Peter Teichmann <mail at peter-teichmann.de> wrote:

> Is there a recommended way to get a gccsdk cross compiler that is able to 
> generate 26/32 bit neutral code? http://www.riscos.info/gcc/32bit.html 
> suggests to get the latest version from cvs. I tried to compiled this on a 
> x86 running Debian-unstable, following the readme file. This leads after some 
> compilation to what is shown below.
> It seems to me that it manages to compile the cross compiler, but the when it 
> goes to compiling Unixlib using this cross compiler it fails. Am I doing 
> something wrong? Thank you for any hints!

There was a change committed to the assembler in CVS earlier this week
which has upset a few things unfortunately. I'm sure it will be fixed
soon, but if you wanted a working cross-compiler now I would suggest you
download the source tree from Peter's page (above).

If you don't need it urgently then using the current CVS version would
be better since it's under development, and bug reports (and fixes) are
always appreciated. Obviously the downside of this is that sometimes
(like now) it won't work.

David Marston
david at illudium.org.uk

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