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>> Is there a recommended way to get a gccsdk cross compiler that is able to 
>> generate 26/32 bit neutral code? http://www.riscos.info/gcc/32bit.html 
>> suggests to get the latest version from cvs. I tried to compiled this on a 
>> x86 running Debian-unstable, following the readme file. This leads
>> after some  compilation to what is shown below.
>> It seems to me that it manages to compile the cross compiler, but
>> the when it  goes to compiling Unixlib using this cross compiler it
>> fails. Am I doing  something wrong? Thank you for any hints!
>There was a change committed to the assembler in CVS earlier this week
>which has upset a few things unfortunately.

If it has, gccsdk is under CVS so it's easy to do something like:
cvs -z5 update -Pd -D 2003/10/01
(that's the ISO format date: YYYY/MM/DD)

and then cvs -z7 update -PdA to update to the latest at a later date.


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