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> Am Freitag, 10. Oktober 2003 19:52 schrieb Philip Ludlam:
> > On 9 Oct, in message <6fc7e43e4c.David at illudium.org.uk>
> >
> >   David Marston <david at illudium.org.uk> wrote:
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> > >
> > >There was a change committed to the assembler in CVS earlier this week
> > >which has upset a few things unfortunately.
> >
> > If it has, gccsdk is under CVS so it's easy to do something like:
> > cvs -z5 update -Pd -D 2003/10/01
> > (that's the ISO format date: YYYY/MM/DD)
> Great idea! Why did that not come to my mind? It seems to fix this special 
> problem. It compiles Unixlib now, but fails when compiling the RISC OS gcc, 
> so there seems to be another problem. Does someone know an exact date when he 
> was able to get and compile a complete usable 32bit gccsdk ;-)

[ snip breakage ]

Yes, it does.  I'm afraid the advice wasn't particulary great :-|
You can go back a few months, but that won't help either, as it lacks
the alloca fix Nick put in recently.  I'd hope this was obvious to all
from recent posts to the mailing list.

The CVS version won't work sensibly until the bug in 'as' is fixed.
Until then, you can use my 32-bit version which includes the latest
Unixlib.  http://www.riscos.info/gcc/32bit.html

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