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>> Am Freitag, 10. Oktober 2003 19:52 schrieb Philip Ludlam:
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>> >   David Marston <david at illudium.org.uk> wrote:
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>> > >
>> > >There was a change committed to the assembler in CVS earlier this week
>> > >which has upset a few things unfortunately.
>> >
>> > If it has, gccsdk is under CVS so it's easy to do something like:
>> > cvs -z5 update -Pd -D 2003/10/01
>> > (that's the ISO format date: YYYY/MM/DD)
>> Great idea! Why did that not come to my mind? It seems to fix this special 
>> problem. It compiles Unixlib now, but fails when compiling the RISC OS gcc, 
>> so there seems to be another problem. Does someone know an exact
>> date when he  was able to get and compile a complete usable 32bit
>> gccsdk ;-)
>[ snip breakage ]
>Yes, it does.  I'm afraid the advice wasn't particulary great :-|

You're right.
I get errors like: Error: Size of Common Block 'C$$bss' in 'globals.o'
differs from its definition in 'folds.o' now :-( .
Back to the latest I go.


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