Unixlib patches

Stefan Bellon sbellon at sbellon.de
Sat Oct 11 15:59:48 PDT 2003

Philip Pemberton wrote:
>   Firstly, Unixlib makes extensive use of "__restrict" in its
> headers. Norcroft C (v5.53) doesn't seem to recognise __restrict as a
> valid C language element and ends up producing numerous errors. A
> patch for this is included below.

I can compile UnixLib (CVS version) with Norcroft 5.53 without your

>   Finally, there's a minor bug in sys/socket.h. This causes
> bits/socket.h to complain that it should not be included directly.
> The patch corrects a typo (?) in sys/socket.h that causes
> bits/socket.h to act as if it had been #included directly.

This is fixed in CVS as well. It looks like you should get the CVS

Stefan Bellon

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