Common areas and as

Nick Burrett nick at
Fri Oct 24 01:41:37 PDT 2003

David Marston wrote:

> I have actually managed to compile everything by changing
> ASM_OUTPUT_COMMON to generate Common areas again (with individual
> names), and by ASM_OUTPUT_BSS generating exactly the same thing, but I'd
> prefer some more time to read the GCC internals documentation (scary) or
> some thoughts from someone who understands GCC (Nick) before suggesting
> we do this. (This actually changes the ASM_OUTPUT_COMMON macro back to
> what it was around version 1.8 BTW).

You've come across exactly the same problem that I was trying to solve 
before I reported the problem with 'as' and common areas.

I'll look at it on Saturday.

Nick Burrett
Network Engineer, Designer Servers Ltd.

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