Common areas and as

Nick Burrett nick at
Sat Oct 25 06:49:12 PDT 2003

David Marston wrote:

> Anyway, as a starting point for you looking at it tomorrow, these
> definitions work for libfile (recompiling everything necessary). I'll
> do a full recompile of everything in the morning (it takes about 3
> hours on my 2.4GHz machine!), but I'm fairly confident it should work.
> (Yes, they are both the same)

Impressive stuff.  I've managed to get a complete build of GCC 3.3.1 for 
the first time ever !

I'll run the testsuites on the compiler to ensure that things are 
working as expected and then upgrade the tree to version 3.3.2.

Thanks to all that have helped.  I'll buy you a beer sometime.



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