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> Theo Markettos wrote:

> >
> > gets you 5.45.  This works on RO3.1 upwards.  Though I'm slightly surprised
> > that libscl needs it as I thought we were trying to support both old and new
> > CLibs.  I'm not involved with that code though, so I may be completely
> > wrong.
> It happened because we changed the compiler default to build 32-bit 
> libraries rather than 26-bit.

It's more complex than this.  The GCCSDK stubs demand a 32-bit SCL, as
do the Castle Acorn C/C++ stubs. In principle, they can work with 26-bit
SCL too, which is what StubsG do. I did do some work to support this,
and I'm sure it was working fine at one point, but it seems to have
stopped working. Someone is welcome to look at this issue.

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