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> David Marston wrote:
> > Anyway, as a starting point for you looking at it tomorrow, these
> > definitions work for libfile (recompiling everything necessary). I'll
> > do a full recompile of everything in the morning (it takes about 3
> > hours on my 2.4GHz machine!), but I'm fairly confident it should work.
> > (Yes, they are both the same)
> Impressive stuff.  I've managed to get a complete build of GCC 3.3.1 for 
> the first time ever !

I hate to be contrary :-)   But:

/usr/src/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/gcc-3_3_0/gcc/stage2/config/arm/rname.o /usr/src/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/gcc-3_3_0/gcc/stage2/prefix.o -L/usr/src/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/libiberty/stage2 -liberty -lm
Error: Symbol 'is_cpp_driver' in '/usr/src/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/gcc-3_3_0/gcc/stage2/gcc.o' has unsupported AOF symbol attributes (000100)

After a full recompile using David's changes for libfile.

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