Debugging help needed ...

Stefan Bellon sbellon at
Tue Sep 2 11:04:48 PDT 2003

Nick Burrett wrote:
> Stefan Bellon wrote:

> > So, it looks like UnixLib doesn't like malloc(0). However,
> > unixlib/source/alloc.c states that allocating zero should be
> > possible as well (it's however difficult to see whether this is a
> > comment meant to apply for RISC OS as well).

> I think the problem is elsewhere otherwise we'd have seen this bug
> years ago.

Hm, sounds fair.

> Are you using the 2.95 compiler or the 3.3 compiler ?

I still tend to prefer the Norcroft compiler to the GCC one just
because its faster compilation speed. I've now recompiled my project
(original version without the malloc(0) fix) with 2.95.4 and this
indeed works!

So, this looks like some Norcroft + UnixLib issue then. Sorry for the
confusion caused.

Stefan Bellon

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