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> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
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> > > So, this looks like some Norcroft + UnixLib issue then. Sorry for
> > > the confusion caused.
> > Which version of Norcroft did you use? You could have fallen foul of
> > the shrinkwrap optimisation bug. You need either 5.39 or below or use
> > the magic shrinkwrap disabling option.
> I was using 5.53. What's this bug and how do I disable the shrinkwrap
> optimization?
> Perhaps a Reply-To: to my email address because of off-topic reasons
> for this mailing list?

I don't think this information is off-topic.  The Norcroft Makefile generated
by enforces a minimal CC version 5.53. The only reason
why I did this is because it was the only 5.xx version I used to compile
and test UnixLib.  If this setup results in triggering compiler errors,
then I would like to know a workaround too so I can update

Stefan, does -zpq262144 option solve your problem (gleaning at article
<URL:>) ?

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