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> 5.55 (built in May) has a fix for the shrinkwrap bug, but the latest
> public release is still 5.53. Personally, I found 5.39 to be the most
> stable version of cc. It was the result of many bug fixes and was the last
> version before a lot of major new features were added. This information is
> not of much use as this was one of the 32-bit (officially "beta")
> compilers that are difficult to get hold of nowadays.

Thanks Martin.  I've added a comment on this in the makefile.

> So, you can safely lower the requirement to 5.39 at least.

I haven't done this because I don't have 5.39 and so I'm not sure that
5.39 can actually succesfull compile UnixLib.  If someone else could
confirm this, I'm more than happy to change this.

> I found 5.53 with -zpq262144 (disable shrinkwrap) to be very stable, too.

Good to know this.  Hopefully 5.55 become mainstream very soon.

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