ALF support in NM

John Duffell jwd104 at
Mon Sep 22 09:36:06 PDT 2003

Hi all,

Anyway, the quesion I have is I was wondering if NM was intended to support
ALF.  It claims to support AOF which seems to work, but ALF gives a
Segmentation Fault under RISC OS Select and under x86-linux.  I can do some
more diagnosis, but there's no point if ALF isn't supposed to be supported

The reason I'm looking is that I've been having a look at Kaffe and although
it compiles alright the gnu ltdl shared library system needs to be able to
run nm on the ALF produced by "ar cru" (and get a BSD compatible output,
whatever that is).

Thanks in advance,
John Duffell

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