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John Duffell jwd104 at
Mon Sep 22 16:07:00 PDT 2003

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> Peter Naulls wrote:
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> > John Duffell <jwd104 at> wrote:
> > 
> > > The reason I'm looking is that I've been having a look at Kaffe and
> > > although it compiles alright the gnu ltdl shared library system needs
> > > to be able to run nm on the ALF produced by "ar cru" (and get a BSD
> > > compatible output, whatever that is).
> >
> > No, it just needs to be able to run some tool to get some symbols out
> > of it. Are you aware that work has already been done on Kaffe? David
> > Marston and I submitted some stuff to Kaffe some months ago which is in
> > CVS.

Yeah, I'm doing a JVM related final year uni project (and I've been working
in IBM's JTC on the linux JVM for a year) so I'm basically playing with every
JVM I can get my hands on and seeing what compiles.  So far Sun's CLDC kvm
compiles and runs hello world etc :)

> Just slipping off-topic slightly more. It basically needs persuading to
> use something else (libfile IIRC) and then to interpret the output
> correctly. I did this the hard way, I think Peter's UPP tools may do it
> in a more reusable way that would help other things that use libltdl.

Yeah I presumed something along those lines (need to give it ALFs and get out
something which looked like what the native linux one gave out) but I'm not
especially hot on this configure/gmake thing - my makefiles always fill one
file.  Of course I know it better now!

> I have still been working on Kaffe (slowly) so I've got some
> improvements that aren't in Kaffe CVS yet, but I don't think it's
> running any more successfully than the version on Peter's download page
> yet. (I think I understand the issues with it now after a lot of
> playing, just need to work out how to fix them)

My first task was to get something which looked like Peter's version, if so I
was then going to try to understand the code.

> BTW which gcc version are you using John? If it's the current CVS version
> with current CVS Kaffe you'll have some issues linking anyway.

The current "trunk" GCCSDK doesn't want to link, the problem was reported
here recently, something about sizes being inconsistent.  Using the stable
version everything went fine until it said it couldn't find
lt_preloaded_symbols, but that is the price for ignoring one warning message

> On-topic, I'll try to have a look at why nm is giving a segmentation
> fault anyway since it shouldn't really be doing that.

OK, for more details on it see
and (5K ALF).

Any more info required just ask.

As an aside, I have been very impressed by the quick, accurate and helpful
responses I've had here!  I feel like an incompetent after my show, too much
time in csa :)

John Duffell

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