riscosify() and guess_or_null()

Stefan Bellon sbellon at sbellon.de
Tue Sep 30 06:17:39 PDT 2003

Nick Burrett wrote:
> John Tytgat wrote:

> > Although the user is helped with a careful sfix choice for his
> > particular CVS project, the analysis of the problem is far from
> > logical (why is ".new.msg.1.f.v" is Unix filespec and "msg.1.f.v" a
> > RISC OS filespec ? I'm taking a real life example here).

> Why is there a dot preceeding the 'v' ? Isn't is supposed to be a
> comma?

No, that's nothing to do with CVS internals. It's the filename to be
checked out.

Those are test cases for an automated test. All those single-letters
separated by dots are command line options used in order to create that
test case. The above example e.g. is the expected output when using the
program with command line switches -l -f -v together. There are lots of
those test cases checked in into CVS.

The removal of the character from sfix isn't really the solution. Think
about command line switches -c -h and -o for example. :-}

Stefan Bellon

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