riscosify() and guess_or_null()

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Tue Sep 30 06:28:14 PDT 2003

Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Nick Burrett wrote:
>>John Tytgat wrote:
>>>Although the user is helped with a careful sfix choice for his
>>>particular CVS project, the analysis of the problem is far from
>>>logical (why is ".new.msg.1.f.v" is Unix filespec and "msg.1.f.v" a
>>>RISC OS filespec ? I'm taking a real life example here).
>>Why is there a dot preceeding the 'v' ? Isn't is supposed to be a
> No, that's nothing to do with CVS internals. It's the filename to be
> checked out.
> Those are test cases for an automated test. All those single-letters
> separated by dots are command line options used in order to create that
> test case. The above example e.g. is the expected output when using the
> program with command line switches -l -f -v together. There are lots of
> those test cases checked in into CVS.
> The removal of the character from sfix isn't really the solution. Think
> about command line switches -c -h and -o for example. :-}

The solution is probably to adapt the file naming convention to 
something a little more suitable to RISC OS.  Perhaps changing all dots 
to dashes.

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