riscosify() and guess_or_null()

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Tue Sep 30 06:43:27 PDT 2003

Stefan Bellon wrote:
> Nick Burrett wrote:
>>Stefan Bellon wrote:
>>>Those are test cases for an automated test. All those
>>>single-letters separated by dots are command line options used in
>>>order to create that test case. The above example e.g. is the
>>>expected output when using the program with command line switches
>>>-l -f -v together. There are lots of those test cases checked in
>>>into CVS.
>>>The removal of the character from sfix isn't really the solution.
>>>Think about command line switches -c -h and -o for example. :-}
>>The solution is probably to adapt the file naming convention to
>>something a little more suitable to RISC OS.  Perhaps changing all
>>dots to dashes.
> I can't. It's not my project. It's a large GNU project and I cannot
> demand such changes for the small user base of RISC OS users that would
> use CVS on the source.

I'm not suggesting that.  You just might need to be a little more 
flexible when you try to build the thing on RISC OS.  The RISC OS to 
Unix file name conversion can only go so far...

You'd be better off having an option like:

__riscosify_control = 

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