Issue with vtable duplication when compiling c++

Nick Burrett nick at
Mon Aug 16 06:50:52 PDT 2004

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <411C9854.8000503 at>
>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>John-Mark Bell wrote:
>>The problem here is to do with linker sections.  x86 g++ 3.3 does 
>>duplicate the vtable block in both object files, however it uses a 
>>gnu_linkonce attribute and section names to ensure that the linker 
>>doesn't give multiple definitions.

I've just committed two bug fixes to drlink and a fix to 'as' to fix 
handling of COMDEF areas.  It turns out that these linkonce sections are 
mostly similar to that of COMDEF.

The problem with COMDEF is that two AREAs of the same name must have an 
exact data match.  This does not allow for the case where one object 
file is compiled with different optimisation characteristics to another 
object file.

The only solution I can see is to pinch an AREA attribute and implement 
a LINKONCE AREA option.  I'll have a patch committed with this change to 
GCC, AS and DRLINK later this afternoon.


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