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Nick Burrett nick at
Wed Feb 25 08:25:21 PST 2004

Peter Naulls wrote:
> In message <gemini.htnd9900s6ns0049a.tony at>
>           Tony van der Hoff <tony at> wrote:
>>Attached is a small patch for Bison to stop it generating code which
>>Norcroft C dislikes.
> Thanks.  However, that version of Bison is pretty ancient.  We would do
> well to upgrade it, or even consider moving these programs out of
> GCCSDK - some of them are already autobuilt by the UPP for example.

I have a source tree somewhere with these upgraded, for some reason I 
forgot to commit it.  There is good reason for having these tools in the 
GCCSDK tree and I'd rather keep them there.  These tools can be called 
from 'make'.  If we have multiple copies of the tools floating around, 
some compiled by different versions of UnixLib, then you'll find that 
nothing works since internal structures like 'proc' change from time to 
time.  You'd have to wait until we have a standard ABI before moving 
these tools out of the tree.

I don't see that it causes any problems having the tools present.

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