Code generation bug with -fomit-frame-pointer

Nick Burrett nick at
Thu Feb 26 10:54:58 PST 2004

James Bursa wrote:
> With -O3 I'm getting
>   ***Fatal error: Stack corruption detected***
> when I run one program (ssltest from openssl). There is also one file which 
> causes
>   internal compiler error: in subreg_hard_regno, at emit-rtl.c:931
> (s_time.c from openssl). I can try and find out which particular optimisation 
> is causing this / supply preprocessed source, or is -O3 unsupported?

I've just committed a hack to arm.c to workaround this problem.  I was 
really stumped by this bug and can't really work out a proper solution. 
   The hack should work, at the expense of slightly worse code-generation.


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