Filename warning misreporting

Nick Burrett nick at
Tue Jun 1 07:44:00 PDT 2004

Peter Naulls wrote:
> When compiling ChoX11 with GCC 3.3.3, I see the following:
> Desklib:/Xatomtype.h:61:1: warning: "BOOL" redefined
> Of course, Xatomtype.h isn't in Desklib, it's in RiscXLib
> (XLib$Path). This may or may not be an ambiguity that can be
> resolved.

This is a common occurance.  Packages should drop their definitions of 
BOOL and use the definitions supplied by the standard C library in 

I've noticed that libscl and unixlib don't have a stdbool.h header. 
Does Norcroft CC now supply such a header, or at least support the 
'bool' type ?

> Also, the throwback seems to have debug left in, e.g.:
> throwback: file='GetHints.c', line='72', prefix='warning',
> s='GetHints.c:72: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will
> break strict-aliasing rules'

Thanks for reminding me.  I've fixed this on the 3.3 branch.  I've left 
it on the head while I test throwback support later.


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