Filename warning misreporting

Nick Burrett nick at
Wed Jun 2 01:06:20 PDT 2004

Peter Naulls wrote:
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>           Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
>>Peter Naulls wrote:
>>>When compiling ChoX11 with GCC 3.3.3, I see the following:
>>>Desklib:/Xatomtype.h:61:1: warning: "BOOL" redefined
>>>Of course, Xatomtype.h isn't in Desklib, it's in RiscXLib
>>>(XLib$Path). This may or may not be an ambiguity that can be
>>This is a common occurance.  Packages should drop their definitions of 
>>BOOL and use the definitions supplied by the standard C library in 
> No :-)  Read what I said again.  The use of bool is incidental, and can
> be fixed.  The issue is the path reporting.

Ah, I see clearly now.  I'm surprised this can ever happen.  I would 
suggest taking a look at the pre-processed output.  The filename and 
line numbers are taken from the #line directives, so you would expect to 
see DeskLib: changing to XLib: for the appropriate headers.


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