GCCSDK mailing list domain name

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Sat Jun 5 03:47:38 PDT 2004

John Tytgat wrote:
> In message <40C063B0.702 at dsvr.net> you wrote:
>>I've changed the GCCSDK site to be hosted under the FQDN 
>>gccsdk.riscos.info rather than hard-mofo.dsvr.net as I need to remove 
>>the association with DSVR.
>>Please update your mail config and any links that you have to this site. 
>>  I don't think the hard-mofo domain will contine to exist much past 5-6 
>>weeks from now.
> What about the front page at gccsdk.riscos.info ? Wouldn't it be better
> to straight drop to the gcc section because isn't it time to drop
> the UnixLib project (as separate project in the CVS tree) ?
> And the ftp & cvs server names ? Also gccsdk.riscos.info ?

Ah, I completely forgot.  I've updated the pages and moved things about 
a bit.

http://gccsdk.riscos.info now takes you directly to the front page.  All 
URL references have been fixed.

The bug database can now be found at http://gccsdk.riscos.info/bugs/

The ftp server and cvs server can be accessed direct as 


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