UnixLib and the GPL

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          Nick Burrett <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:

> [...]
> I would like UnixLib to retain the free for commercial and 
> non-commercial use.
> In the last 4 years, UnixLib has gained an increasing code base licensed 
> under the GPL (note that this is not the LGPL).  The problem is that 
> UnixLib is not a shared library and in effect a user is linking their 
> non-GPL binary application with a GPL application.  This therefore 
> affects the distribution terms of the non-GPL binary and potentially 
> forces it to be GPL.
> [...]

I don't see it reasonable to replace the GPL code by BSD or other
licensed code in order to let commercial programs link in UnixLib.  At
least, I personally don't want to put any effort in this.

Where I do want to put some effort in, is to have UnixLib as shared library
which would create a couple extra fun opportunities.  If that really would
solve your point (IANAL), I think that is a no brainer way-to-go.

Slightly related to this, I think it wouldn't be bad if the current
GCC/UnixLib contributers could agree on a "what's next" agenda.  Feedback
of the GCC/UnixLib users would be appreciated.  Personally I would like
to see the "APCS-32 & 'float' argument" issue resolved and get GCC 3.3
out.  Some work on GCC 3.4 has already been done.  I would like to do
code contributions concerning iconv and multibyte support.  Any other items
we will tackle ? ELF ? Shared libraries ? GCC producing RISC OS modules ?

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