UnixLib and the GPL

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Wed Jun 9 00:17:03 PDT 2004

John Tytgat wrote:
> In message <b396fbbb4c.peter at chocky.org>
>           Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> wrote:
>>As for iconv et al - does this really need to be in UL? It is easily
>>compiled any linked when needed.
> True, that's my experience too.  But I was thinking to support at
> least the standard RISC OS encodings to/from UTF-8 and if an additional
> iconv RISC OS module is present, most (all ?) other iconv encodings could
> be supported too.  With shared libraries this wouldn't be necessary.

I had thought about this some time ago and had considered and partially 
implemented such a facility.  Then I heard that RISC OS was going to get 
internationalisation support, so I decided to not bother with this 
avenue until that was complete.  Otherwise we'd probably end up with two 
incompatible systems.

I don't know whether it is still the intention of RISC OS to get UTF-8 
or UTF-16 support, or maybe I just had a bad dream one night.


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