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> John Tytgat wrote:
> > Slightly related to this, I think it wouldn't be bad if the current
> > GCC/UnixLib contributers could agree on a "what's next" agenda.  Feedback
> > of the GCC/UnixLib users would be appreciated.  Personally I would like
> > to see the "APCS-32 & 'float' argument" issue resolved and get GCC 3.3
> > out.  Some work on GCC 3.4 has already been done.  I would like to do
> > code contributions concerning iconv and multibyte support.  Any other items
> > we will tackle ? ELF ? Shared libraries ? GCC producing RISC OS modules ?
> I'd prefer to drop 3.3 and use 3.4 instead, for reasons that I've 
> previously described.  The current state of the 3.4 compiler is actually 
> close to, if not better w.r.t. less bugs than the 3.3 RISC OS compiler.
> We could add iconv as a library that's automatically built and 
> distributed with GCCSDK, simply by adding it to the riscos-libs 
> directory.  That was the original intention of that directory.

I'm not saying that would be a bad thing, but once you start bundling
libraries, where do you stop? Would including other common libraries
like zlib and openssl be good? Would it become a maintenance burden?

> Things I would like to see are:
> e) Better RISC OS specific documentation and more information and
> tutorial on what the myriad of ARM-specific compiler options do with 
> contrived examples and resultant ARM assembler output.  This becomes 
> more sigificant when you start looking at unit-at-a-time mode in GCC 3.4 
> and the tree optimisation stuff in GCC 3.5.

I think one of the problems with the documentation at the moment is
that it is split over several different files.

> Can't think of anything else.

I'd like to make the interface between parents and exec()ed children
more robust, and improve fork(). It's been something I've been meaning
to finish off for quite a while now, though.


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