Further on License agreements

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Mon Jan 3 09:42:40 PST 2005

Further to the suggestions made by Nick, I'd like to nail down the
licenses used in Unixlib.   Please, please try to make my life easy.
I've already received abuse over this (no good deed goes unpunished),
and I'm sure Nick's sick of the issue, and John Tytgat and I have spent
some time discussing this too.  If I am subject to further unforunate
comments, then I will just forget the whole thing, and someone else can
sort it out.

Make this painless, and we can move on.

What I'd like is an agreement by all contributors to Unixlib that their
past and future contributions (where possible) can be licensed under the
revised BSD licence.  You can read that here:


This includes all Unixlib source, its headers and the SharedUnixLibrary
and any documentation, etc, etc.  It excludes the remainder of GCCSDK.
This will allow me to make a clear statement about the licensing of
Unixlib which I will post on the GCCSDK website.  Importantly, the
introduction of GPL code into Unixlib has muddied the waters greatly,
and this permission will allow me to relicese those changes where
neccessary to be BSD once we have removed the GPL code.

The contributors are:

The original 4, who have expressed "no interest".

John Tytgat
Peter Naulls
Peter Teichmann
Alex Waugh
Christian Ludlam
David Marston (RIP)
Theo Markettos
Graham Shaw
James Bursa
John-Mark Bell

With the exception of David, all these people are easily reachable, and
I think, nearly all subscribe to this list.  I will review David's
contributions and find a way to proceed and contact those who are not

If this is agreeable, then a simple "yes" will suffice.  If not, then
perhaps you can email me, and we can sort something out.  

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