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> What I'd like is an agreement by all contributors to Unixlib that their
> past and future contributions (where possible) can be licensed under the
> revised BSD licence.  You can read that here:
> http://www.debian.org/misc/bsd.license
> This includes all Unixlib source, its headers and the SharedUnixLibrary
> and any documentation, etc, etc.  It excludes the remainder of GCCSDK.
> This will allow me to make a clear statement about the licensing of
> Unixlib which I will post on the GCCSDK website.  Importantly, the
> introduction of GPL code into Unixlib has muddied the waters greatly,
> and this permission will allow me to relicese those changes where
> neccessary to be BSD once we have removed the GPL code.
> The contributors are:
> [...]
> John Tytgat

Ok for all my commited UnixLib related changes so far.

And thanks for sorting out the licence issue around UnixLib.

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