Removing UnixLib Docs ReadMe3* files

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Tue Jan 4 15:17:46 PST 2005

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          John Tytgat <John.Tytgat at> wrote:

> I thought the following was suggested in the mailing list but I can't
> immediately find a reference to it (or I'm simply mistaken) but does someone
> have any objections to remove all the "ReadMe3*" files in unixlib/Docs
> directory ? The current contents explaining the UnixLib internals is
> terribly outdated and I'm not sure that even an updated version is a
> worthwhile thing to have, let alone to keep it up to date (most of the
> naughty implementation details can be found as comments in the source files).

I think we dicussed this on IRC.  This too would be my preference, but
I'd like to know Nick's view on the matter.   I'll take a look through
them tommorow to see if there's any bits worth keeping.

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