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Alex Waugh alex at
Wed Jan 5 05:11:59 PST 2005

Nick Burrett wrote:

> I'd like to think that we could make more use of the SharedUnixLibrary. 
> Some musings I have had this morning, could mean that we could use it to
> implement 'shm_open' by creating a dynamic area that is private to the SUL
> and using it to manage shared memory requests by the user-land application
> i.e.
>   program calls shm_open
>     shm_open calls SharedUnixLibrary_Shm_Open
>        SUL allocates appropriate dynamic area space
>     shm_open returns pointer to allocated space
>   program uses space

For a while now I've been intending to make more use of the SUL for 
improving fork(), and have spent a while thinking about the best way to 
implement the interface to the SUL. I don't think SWIs are the best 
option, and I'll try and find time within the next week to explain a bit 

> Consequently I've built my first ELF executable using GCC 4.0 for RISC OS.



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