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Mon Jan 24 15:00:02 PST 2005

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> joty		Sun Jan 23 20:31:56 2005 EDT
>   Modified files:              
>     /gccsdk/unixlib/source/clib	features.h 
>     /gccsdk/unixlib/source/sys	_syslib.s mman.c 
>     /gccsdk/unixlib/Docs	Changelog 
>   Log:
>   Sun Jan 23 21:27:23 2005  John Tytgat  <John.Tytgat at>
>   	* source/clib/features.h: More constify __program_name, ___program_name,
>   	  __dynamic_da_name and prototyped ___dynamic_da_name.

Although this may be more correct, it breaks source compatibility with
any program that declares a __dynamic_da_name variable. While it's not a
huge change for the user to make, and we've required bigger changes in the
past, it does seem a little unecessary.

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