Ada and Tasking

Nick Burrett nick at
Thu Jan 27 07:08:48 PST 2005

Stefan Bellon said:
> Nick Burrett wrote:
>> Could someone please send me one or two short example Ada applications
>> that demonstrate Tasking ?  Just something that creates a couple of
>> threads, does some action, waits for completion and exits cleanly.
> Ok, you'll find a short example attached. It isn't by me initially, but
> I cleaned it up a bit.

Thanks.  Both your program and the multi-threaded hello world program
worked correctly under RISC OS.

>> I have GNAT 4 producing working code for RISC OS (cross-compiled) and
>> I've just done the initial work on the support of Tasking, but don't
>> know enough of the language to actually write anything.
> Do you have a cross-compiler that compiles from another OS to RISC OS
> or do you have cross-compiled the GNAT and it now runs on RISC OS?

I am using a copy of GCC that is compiled on x86-linux and creates RISC OS
binaries.  The build environment has changed, so we can just get a copy of
GCC and type:

   $ ./configure --target=arm-riscos-elf
   $ make

and get a compiler at the end.

The next big challenge is trying to figure out how to get from this to a
set of compiler binaries that actually work on RISC OS.


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