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> > I believe I also built a working JetDirectFS module (
> > but that needs confirmation by Stefan.  His RemotePrinterFS module however
> > crashes during module initialisation (or maybe service call).  So that
> > needs more investigation. :-/
> > 
> > Any other module src suggestions for smoke testing the GCC module support ?
> Fantastic.  Nick's also fixed an optimisation bug in GCC; that leaves
> just one item in the bugs database (which is a feature request), and the
> breakage of partial linking in Drlink (you can revert to an older
> version if you desperately need it), both of which are non-critical. I'd
> like to aim for a release in one week, barring no issues with the above.

I would do a release after the following points have been handled:

1. Creation of a document outlining how to use GCC for module generation.
2. Investigate whether StubsG and the CMunge program can be used for
   GCC module generation.  If this really works, then non-Norcroft owners
   can generate C based modules.
3. Investigate why RemovePrinterFS doesn't work when using GCC.  When we
   know the reason we can still decide whether we fix it for the release 3
   or not.
4. Smoke test with Memphis, CryptRandom and EtherY module src code.
5. Investigate if we can't get rid of the "#undef vsnprintf" workaround.
6. Write ",ffa" extended module files instead of ",ff8" when cross-compiling
   (feedback from John B).

We don't release GCCSDK often, so I would prefer to have it in more solid &
well understood state relesed.

I don't mind doing all this (except the smoke test with EtherY because I
don't have access to the right hardware for this) but I doubt I can handle
all this within a week so any volunteers to help out ?

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