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> Fantastic indeed. I've just tried building Iconv with it and all appears 
> fine. My attempts with previous versions produced code which exploded with 
> the PC in the module workspace.

Excellent :-)

> I wonder whether it would be worth knocking together a contrived test 
> module that makes use of:
> * Start/Initialisation/Finalisation/Service Call/SWI handler/SWI 
>   decoding code /*-command handler entry points
> * Callbacks (OS_AddCallBack/CallEvery)
> * Vector claiming (both hardware and software)
> * IRQ handling
> * Anything else I've forgotten.

Good suggestion, and this can also inspire people for their own module

> For cross-compilation, a suitable replacement for cmhg is probably needed 
> - at present, I'm simply copying the output .o file across, which is 
> hardly the most practical solution ;)

Indeed, souce code access for CMunge would be a solution...

> One other minor thing; it would be nice if the output binary when 
> cross-compiling a module has ",ffa" appended to the name, rather than 
> ",ff8".  This is purely an aesthetic thing (although it can be handy if 
> you've got the output directory mounted over NFS or somesuch). Presently, 
> I've worked around this by sticking a "mv $(TARGET),ff8 $(TARGET),ffa" 
> line in the makefile.

That should be fixed in release 3 IMHO, and not too difficult.

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