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Thu Jul 14 09:32:47 PDT 2005

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> I'm sure I can make use of that.  In the mean time, I've managed to
> build the latest CVS GCC, with some hacking of files that rely on
> unwind.h, and at least got to building UnixLib, although it failed
> shortly after, trying to run the native objcopy on it.

> So I guess more hacking is required.


Or less hacking, in this case.  I now have a full build after a few
fixes, and can generate at least a working hello world.   I can
appreciate now much effort Nick must have gone to to make it all work

I'm considering options for collaborative development, although I pretty
much know what I'll do, but it'll take some time to prepare.  In the
mean time, I'll make a source snapshot for people to try, and also a
binary release for installing probably in /usr/local/

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