Missing /home/riscos/cross/include when building CVS head; qemu & ,ff8

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Thu Jul 21 19:50:20 PDT 2005

In message <20050721202720.GA7356 at chiark.greenend.org.uk>
          Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:

> out executables with ,ff8 on the end.  This is fine, except they don't have
> the executable permission set.  Also build trees (like autoconf), when they
> compile a test program/intermediate program, run ./foo rather than ./foo,ff8
> so fail to find the binary.  This could be solved by having another copy of
> gcc built without --enable-filetype-ff8 and patching it to set the
> executable flag, but I wondered if there was a neater way?

I think this could probably be fixed by patching autoconf, which knows
for example to look for .exe under cygwin.  I did send them a patch at
one point, but I didn't write a ChangeLog entry for them, so it didn't
get put it, and my wrapper scripts ended up solving pretty much
everything this would have fixed, so I didn't pursue it.

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