Missing /home/riscos/cross/include when building CVS head; qemu & ,ff8

Alex Waugh alex at alexwaugh.com
Fri Jul 22 01:55:18 PDT 2005

Peter Naulls wrote:
> I had another thought, although perhaps less reliable.  Sunfish and
> Infozip could be modified to detect when a file might be a RISC OS
> executable, and present the filetype, even though the unix filename
> lacks a suffix. I'm not sure how much this might impact NFS performance,
> however.

It would add an extra network round trip for every file that needed to 
be checked when doing a directory enumeration. Assuming the server is 
fast enough that the extra disc reads are insignificant compared to the 
network latency, then the performance drop would be similar to that when 
switching from NFS3 to NFS2, i.e. only noticable for large directories.


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