GCC 3.4.5 release plans

Nick Burrett nick at sqrt.co.uk
Tue Jul 26 00:59:14 PDT 2005

Quoting Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org>:
> I haven't yet been able to build a native compiler, due to some obscure
> warnings, but want to try again.  I haven't build too much with it yet,
> but most stuff appears to work, apart from the floating point issue I
> mentioned a little while ago.  I also had a seg fault compiling some of
> the X libraries with optimisation on.

I still don't understand why you've had so much difficulty trying to 
get a native compiler to build, since the tar file was setup to work 

> There are quite a number of
> failures in the test suite.  I'm not sure which of these we need to take
> notice of.

You should expect about 67 failures in the c.torture testsuite.  Most 
of those should be related to __builtin_* functions.  There shouldn't 
be more than about 30 G++ failures, but there are probably a number of 
libstdc++ failures (nothing that makes the library unusable), and about 
3 Fortran failures.

Send me the output from 'make check' and I'll take a look.

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